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About Us

Warmstuff Distributing is a family run Pennsylvania business specializing in long underwear ('long-johns') and other types of warm clothing.   

Our home, in southern Schuylkill county, was the heartland of Pennsylvania's knitting and sewing factories half-a-century ago and before. We lived and worked there then, among the many factories making long underwear, t-shirts, women’s wear, under-garments, etc. 

Since we are avid backpackers, skiers, rock climber,  Triple Crown hiker, whitewater kayaker since 1980, and all world-wide adventurer, our interest in cold weather sports led us, in 1991, to stock a warehouse with items for whitewater kayaking events, snowmobile races, hunting shows, backpacking get-togethers and similar outdoor venues. We went to all we could and acquired a substantial reputation for knowing and having what people need when they're out in the cold.

Then came the Internet. We were primed to sell online right away, and ours was the first Website devoted to long underwear and thermals. 

That was 1997.  
Though business has changed over the years, we're still in it and bigger than ever, with more and different products -- all designed to keep you warm. It must be admitted not many now are made in PA. The industry moved to the southern US or overseas to cheaper labor markets, though our fleece hats, hoods (balaclavas), dog coats, and fleece socks are still proudly made in Pennsylvania. Others are US made, or made in Mexico using US components. A few come from East Asia (e.g., silk products and Merino wool thermals). 
But wherever they come from, before selling them we make certain they stand the cold, so you won't have to.

We operate daily, shipping orders as soon as possible via US Postal Service Priority Mail (please allow 2-3 days).
Overseas orders normally take a week to arrive. 

Photos on our Website are mostly of us, our family and friends, taken by us -- we're real people, just like you, showing off our real products. We hope you like 'em, and, knowing ourselves the anticipation you must feel, are ever prompt to package and ship them to you.

Thanks to all of you who've been with us over the years, and to those of you new to us. We hope you'll come back again.

Sincerely yours,
The Management and Staff at Warmstuff