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Mid-weight 2 Layer Hydro-Pur Thermals

Mid-weight 2 Layer Hydro-Pur Thermals

Mid-weight 2 Layer Hydro-Pur Thermals





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Wicking Long Underwear

We use what we sell and have found our mid-weight to be the perfect choice for those cold days on the trail, river, climbing, or skiing.    

  They Work!  

Dave Hand Paddling on the Lower YoughDave Hand Paddling on the Upper Yough in March


 The White Mountains in November



Here we are at 17,500 Tharong La pass in Nepal


Mid-Weight 2 Layer Hydro-Pur Thermals

  70% Polyester/30% Merino Wool Outside    100% HydroPur Inside 

The 2 layer system allows the new HydroPur (see below) to stop the smell problem associated with hi-tech long underwear while the Merino Wool Blend goes far to help provide MAXIMUM warmth in a non-itching wool blend.

We are happy to have become a supplier of these new "Hi-tech" super wicking long underwear tops and bottoms. HydroPur is a new fabric in the long underwear industry and is making quite a name for itself: Delcron® HydroPur Fiber provides unrivaled security and comfort for today’s performance lifestyles. Dual function Delcron HydroPur polyester staple fiber combines the proven moisture management of Delcron Hydrotec Fiber and the antimicrobial properties of SteriPur AM. This ingenious staple fiber contains Antimicrobial AlphaSan® from Milliken.

Independent laboratory tests have shown that Delcron HydroPur Fiber exhibits significant efficacy against odor-causing and unsightly microorganisms along with superior moisture management. What’s more, both the moisture management and antimicrobial properties are integrated into the fiber during the polymer stage and are permanent. What is AlphaSan? 

AlphaSan antimicrobial additive is a zirconium phosphate-based ceramic ion-exchange resin containing silver. High temperature stability and low color formation make AlphaSan uniquely suited to provide antimicrobial performance in a wide variety of applications such as plastics, fibers, foams, and coatings.

Silver is well known as being safe for human contact and effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms that cause odor, discoloration, biofouling and other aesthetic problems. These antimicrobial properties can bring additional value through product differentiation to a variety of applications. 

AlphaSan can be added to approved materials at varying levels to impart bacteriostatic, fungistatic, and algistatic properties to the material and the end-use article. 

How Does It Work? 
On untreated surfaces, bacteria find their way. They reproduce and continue reproducing, causing foul odors, discoloration, corrosion, etc. 

On surfaces treated with AlphaSan antimicrobial, bacteria still find their way. However, they get an extra special dose of silver ions. The silver ions mess with their metabolism, and the bacteria are history.    

 Slightly Irregular.


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