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Merino Wool Bottoms

Merino Wool Bottoms

Merino Wool Bottoms


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Last year, we decided to join the many outdoor enthusiasts who are switching to  Merino Wool as a base layer. 
So, we bought a set to test it through the winter.     


We were quite impressed with the advantages over polypro, Capiline, and other synthetics in this all natural base layer product.   No smell (left a set on for 4 days, sweating in the daytime, sleeping in them at night, etc.)  Warm with no itch in a 100% wool product!

 But, the cost???   At $75 each piece, we wanted to see if we could do better by skipping all middlemen. 

So, we contacted Woolmark Co. in Australia and even went there for a tour of a Merino Wool ranch. Quite impressive. They are breeding these sheep to produce a finer and finer wool.  (hence the no-itch factor)  Ours are 17.5 micron/sq. meter.  


They helped a lot, mainly by introducing  us to with Dr. Tran Quyen, a retired apparel professor in Vietnam who showed us 7 different factories in Saigon (or HCMC).

A few were quite impressive with the latest knitting  machines and high-tech equipment. 

We chose the best one, and shipped the raw Merino wool to them, where they spun, knitted, dyed, and sewed them to our specifications.  


Ours are considered a lightweight fabric at 150 grams per sq. meter.

See list at bottom of this page to see individual weights of each size


And are pleased to announce that they are now here in our warehouse in Pennsylvania and we are ready to sell them at a Great Price: $29.99 each!

Try some today at this great introductory price of only $29.99nand let us know your feedback on our FB page:


This page is for the bottoms only. 
Tops are sold separately HERE

Sizing Chart Tops and Bottoms
   Small Medium  Large  X-Large 2X-Large  



Waist size

28-30 32-34 34-36 36-38 39-42  



 Chest size

34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52  

The bottoms seem a little on the small side in width. 
Length is fine. 
You may want to choose a size larger than you normally wear. 

Weights in oz of each piece:   (Fabric is 150 grams per sq. meter or 4.4 oz/sq. yd)
TOPS:  Small 6.3, Medium 6.9, Large 7.0, XL 7.8, 2XL 8.3
BOTTOMS:  Small 5.7, Medium 6.1, Large 6.8,  XL 7.5,  2XL 8.0
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