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STUFF SACKS (sil-nylon)

STUFF SACKS (sil-nylon)

STUFF SACKS (sil-nylon)





Quantity :

2 sizes

. The small size (12" X 6") is about the size of a small loaf of bread and great for my clothes bag or my small summer sleeping bag. 

The Tall size is about twice as long at 24" long by 11" wwide. 





Sil Nylon Stuff Sacks


We've worked hard to make sturdy, yet lightweight bags for your gear! All the sil nylon bags weigh less than an ounce! An easy way to lighten your load!

I've been using mine for over 2 years of hard use and it's held up well. Sil Nylon is a ripstop nylong that's been impregnated with silicon.

It weighs 1.1oz per sq. yd.! (extremely lightweight) Yet the silicon makes it waterproof. The seams must still be sealed however. I do this to mine by using silicon caulking from a hardware store and rubbing small amounts into the seams. (its much cheaper than buying an $8 tube of special sealant)

We have a big selection of colors right now and it's a good idea to have a different color for each stuff sack so you can easily tell your gear in the dark.

Request your colors but keep in mind they change periodically. ENJOY!


Our camp at 15,500' in Nepal


Total Weights

Small size: 7/10 of an oz.

Tall:    1.1 oz.