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Fleece Neck Gaiters

Fleece Neck Gaiters

Fleece Neck Gaiters




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Made with 2 layers of 200 weight fleece



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Fleece Neck Gaiters (easily reversible)


We've been wearing these for years but couldn't get them the way we wanted.           But now we have finally found them in a great quality product

They are reversible with black on one side. Except for the camo which have blaze orange on the opposite side for the hunters out there.

You can leave them down to just cover the neck or, pull them up over your mouth and even your nose when it's really cold and windy. So, they are made from soft and warm Polartec Fleece and completely reversible.

Our model wouldn't take it off and wore it to work and was immedietly asked where she got it. Very very warm around the neck without the hassle of a scarf.

Comes in assorted colors (with black on one side)  or the orange/camo color.

One size fits all



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