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GI POLYPRO and POLYESTER Heavyweight Bottoms

GI POLYPRO and POLYESTER Heavyweight Bottoms

GI POLYPRO and POLYESTER Heavyweight Bottoms




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Extreme Cold Weather Gear

GI Bottom

The only complaint we ever get on this product is that they are "too warm" 










Great for: Mountaineering, Kayaking, Winter Hiking/Camping, Hunting, Ice Fishing, Cold Water Diving, Trekking, Skiing/Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Working in Extreme Cold,etc.

Tops and Bottoms shown together

Tops and Bottoms            shown together

100% Polypro and Polyester  Govt. Issue 

Heavy Weight Bottoms

This is what the US Army uses to keep soldiers in extreme cold warm.

The US Army changed these "Extreme Cold Weather Gear" a few years ago from the  100% Polypropylene or "Polypro" to the newer Sand Colored Polyester long johns. 

The new ones are slightly thicker, and soft but still very warm.  In fact the hunters like to tell us that they are sometimes "too warm!"

Polypropylene and the newer Polyester long johns are made to be worn as a "base layer" meaning it is the start of the layering system. 

The material touches your skin and wicks any moisture away to the outer layers, keeping you dry and warm inside.

 These are made for the military to their specs.  The army calls them "Extreme Cold Weather Gear".  

They are designed and knit in the USA!  ("Assembled in Mexico with USA components" is what it says on the label)

  These are not seconds or irregulars but 1st Quality Product. 

We still have a few sizes left in the older style, tan colored polypro tops and bottoms.   The newer, sand colore are more expensive however. 

We also have the tops to match here

And they also come in a more adjustable "Zip Top" with Half Zipper found here.

Now we can offer the same material made into outerwear.
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PLEASE READ! : About 6 years ago, the US Army changed from the 100% tan colored polypropylene heavyweight long underwear, to the "SAND color.  Although we still have a few sizes left in the older, tan color (100% polypro), most are now the sand color.

Tthe newest Army color, Sand,  are labeled "100% Polyester" instead of the 100% Polypropylene" that is the label in the tan colored bottoms.

  They have been our best seller over the years for one reason:   THEY WORK!

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