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Red Union Suit(irr)[irr]

Red Union Suit(irr)

Red Union Suit(irr)[irr]


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Now in 2 Colors

Men's sizes, but Woman wear them too.


White or Red.

Joshua Tree NP, California


Created in Utica, New YorkUnited States, it originated as women's wear during the nineteenth-century United States clothing reform efforts, as an alternative to constricting garments, and soon gained popularity among men as well.

The first union suit was patented in 1868. 

We've been in business since 1991 and selling these since 1995.  We have a huge inventory and knowledge about the product.





Red Union Suit

Old Fashioned Union Suit

100% Cotton (Irregular)

Now also available in White.

These  union suits are just right for those cold nights. Or worn underneath your work clothes. 
They are 100% cotton. (ribbed fabric)  And yes, they have the opening, with button, in the back.

Also, sometimes called a "onesie", these "Long Johns" are very popular all over the world as we've now sold them in 32 different countries.   Keeping people warm around the world!


Often times we get customers asking for the old fashioned 7 button flap ("drop seat") in the back.  We cannot find them and ours have the vertical slit with one button opening.  Works fine and is a lot easier than opening 7 buttons everytime.   

  The Youth Sizes (below) are also Unisex 

We measured the youth sizes from top (top of collar at the neck) to bottom (bottom of cuff at lower ankle) and here are the measurements: 
Youth Small:42" 
Youth Medium: 50" 
Youth Large: 55" 
Youth XL: 60


 This is what it says on the package: Small 6-8, Medium 10-12, Large 14-16, XL- 18-20

Keep in mind the union suits are 100% cotton and are NOT preshrunk so they tend to look bigger than these sizes before you wash them. 

 Very Slight Irregularities in these Unions at a great price!    Sometimes we can find nothing wrong with the "Irregs".  Sometimes it is a small hole that has been stitched back up, or a mark from a machine or a thread the wrong color.     We do not inspect every one and ship them as they come from the factory.

ps. the latest batch seems quite good in quality with only minor (or sometimes none) defects found.

  Keep in mind, you have 30 days to return them if not completely satisified.     

We also have union suits in 1st quality for $28.99         Click Here.

A union suit is a type of one-piece long underwear.



Union Suit-Sizing Chart

Chest Size  (in inches)

Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large 4X-Large
 34-36"  38-40"  42-44"  46-48"  50-52"  54-56"  58-60"