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Polypropylene Lightweight Tops, Bottoms(irr)[Polypropylen]

Polypropylene Lightweight Tops, Bottoms(irr)

Polypropylene Lightweight Tops, Bottoms(irr)[Polypropylen]





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    Base Layer "Polypro Long Johns (Irregular*)


"We believe we have the best price on the internet"  


 We sell 3 different weights of 100% Polypro "wicking" Long Johns or "Thermals" 

  These are the lightest weight and a ribbed fabric.  

Single layer keeps it simple. 


Price is for one top or one bottom.







        Nepal 2004                     High Camp at 17,000'


            100% Lightweight Polypropylene  Long Underwear  (Irregular*)

 Made from 100% Polypropylene or "Polypro" Keeping you warm by keeping you dry.   The polypro touches your skin and wicks any moisture away to the outer layers, keeping you dry and warm inside.

 We often wear multi layers depending on temperature and conditions.  But usually start with this one. 

Price is for one top or one bottom.

We now have black color listed. However, the black is not 100% polypro but Hydro-Pur fabric described here.

 We also sell the same product in 1st  quality for $12.99 found here.

 * These Lightweight Polypro Tops & Bottoms are "slightly irregular".   That means there is usually a problem that didn't pass inspection at the factory.  Sometimes we can find nothing wrong, sometimes a small hole that has been repaired or a marking from a pen or similar.  It does NOT mean that one arm is longer than the other or that the collar is missing or something major.  It is a slight problem and since it is underwear, we've found that more people buy the irregs than the 1st quality.  We offer both.


Price is for one top or one bottom.


  From the Boy Scouts of America Scoutmaster's website:

 These are not your grandfather's long-johns.   Long underwear used to  mean waffle-knit white cotton. It held in moisture, became cold and clammy, heavy and downright unpleasant.

There are few innovations as important to enjoying the outdoors as poly-pro long underwear.            

The high tech marvel: polypropylene long underwear, is light, wicks moisture away from the skin, does not get cold and clammy and keeps one toasty warm. When first introduced poly pro was prohibitively expensive and hard to find. Now it is reasonably priced and commonly available.        

Poly pro has afforded me perfect comfort   during many outdoor days and nights at below freezing temperatures. I carry it in all seasons .

I require that our scouts have it in their gear year round for protection against hypothermia during  inevitable cold, wet days that occasionally surprise us.             

There are many brands and types. I honestly cannot see a big difference between the expensive and inexpensive brands. There are different thicknesses (light, medium and heavy)

I recommend lightweight for all but the harshest conditions.

Sizing Chart Tops and Bottoms
   Small  Medium  Large   X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large


Waist size

30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52


Chest size

34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56


Price is for one top or one bottom.