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Double Fleece at the bottom half

Our warmest hood. Because it's double fleece where it counts.

They look too long when you 1st see them.  Simply fold the hood about halfway down (adjustable on your face depending on where you fold it) and then slip it over your head.  

You'll see that the doubled part can be adjusted easily.

Super Hoods or Balaclavas

These are the ones you see in the malls for $30 and they turn into 7 different pieces of clothing.

They are very warm hoods as the fleece is doubled below the helmet or top area.

Fold the fleece material inward, put it on your head, then tighten the drawstring and the cordlock, and you have one of the warmest things you can put on your face and head.

Made from Polartec Fleece 200 weight. 

Made in USA      1st Quality

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