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Helmet Hoods

Helmet Hoods

Helmet Hoods





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Super Warm Hoods

Great for snowmobilers, bicycle,skiers, motorcyclists, and everyone who wears a helmet!

Very warm around your neck, chin area as that's where they are doubled up.

 No bulk on top because they are very thin and stretchy lycra.

Warm, Thick PolarTec Helmet Hoods

Made from Polartec Fleece (Colored) on the bottom and Lycra (black) on top.

Made to be worn under a helmet when you don't have room for all fleece.

The fleece is doubled around the face and single layer where it tucks into the jacket.

Very warm and very popular. People have been asking us for years to carry these and we finally got them.

Now in Black and Lime Green colors (bottom, which is double thick 200 weight fleece)

One size fits all

Made in USA

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