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Lightweight Fleece Hood

Lightweight Fleece Hood

Lightweight Fleece Hood





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Micro Fleece Face Masks

Lightweight Fleece Hoods or Balacalavas


These Balacalavas are made from a 100 weight microfleece that is very soft and great, quality material.

They are a good option for under a helmet or hat when you don't have a lot of room for the thicker, 200 weight hood. They are very warm, and we believe it's a great price!

So, here is what we've learned about keeping your face warm:   Wear one of our Micro Fleece Full Face Maks that cover the mouth, nose and ears with stretchy fleece that is both warm AND stylisht!

 These hoods, or "balacalavas" have elastic in the face area.  This enables you to wear it covering the nose, or not, or stretch to below your chin.   A little temperature adjustment can be important sometimes.

One size fits All

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