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Fleece Socks

Fleece Socks

Fleece Socks




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Tube Sock Design

These socks come in one size. They are made like a tube sock so they fit everyone.

Fleece Socks

Sooooooo WARM  & SOFT!

Now in 2 Colors.

These super warm socks are all I wear to jog in the snow with my running shoes.  Also, all of my winter hiking and camping finds me in these warm and toasty socks. 

They even keep you warm when wet! So, save those cotton socks for the summer and get warm today.

Soft, Warm and Comfortable!

Made from 200 weight Polar Fleece in the USA.   (Black color) 

The navy blue colored socks are 150 weight (thinner fleece but still warm)  

Made in USA!