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Ladies or Mens Merino Wool Socks

Ladies or Mens Merino Wool Socks

Ladies or Mens Merino Wool Socks




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Warm Merino Wool

Merinos are regarded as having the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

 After so many requests for good warm socks, we went out and found a great price on Merino Wool socks.  They have been proven to be some of the best socks out there.  

Warm, Soft  and Thick Merino Wool Socks.

Medium size  9-11

Large size 10-13

Made in USA


Merino Wool  Socks  Made in USA

 These socks are warm, stylish, comfortable and are 71% Merino Wool, 21% Nylon, 7% Polyester, and 1% Spandex!.  I repeat,  They are warm.

From Wikipedia: Merino wool is common in high-end, performance athletic wear. Typically meant for use runninghikingskiingmountain climbing

cycling, and in other types of outdoor aerobic exercise, these clothes command a premium over synthetic fabrics.


Several properties contribute to merino's popularity for exercise clothing, compared to wool in general and to other types of fabric.

  • Merino is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. The wool provides some warmth, without overheating the wearer. It draws moisture (sweat) away from the skin, a phenomenon known as wicking. The fabric is slightly moisture repellent (keratin fibers are hydrophobic at one end and hydrophilic at the other), allowing the user to avoid the feeling of wetness.[6]
  • Like cotton, wool absorbs water (up to 1/3 its weight), but, unlike cotton, wool retains warmth when wet[7] helping wearers avoidhypothermia after strenuous workouts (climbs) or weather events.[6]
  • Like most wools, merino contains lanolin which has antibacterial properties.[8]
  • Merino is one of the softest types of wool available, due to finer fibers and smaller scales.[7]
  • Merino has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio compared to other wools, in part because the smaller fibers have microscopic cortices ofdead air, trapping body heat similar to the way a sleeping bag warms its occupant.[9]