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Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

Muay Thai Boxing Shorts


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Thai Kick Boxing or Muay Thai


Thai boxing shorts are specially designed to allow complete freedom of movement, and will make you feel the part.

Muay Thai or "Thai Kick Boxing" is now a very popular sport.  There are many schoolssprouting up around Thailand teaching this age-old sport. 


Is Muay Thai the "best"? 


Every martial art has merit, but let's face it: Muay thai dominates these other martial arts because if it's no-nonsense, non-flashy, practical, devastating moves. There are style that could fair well against muay thai like Kyokushin karate, and offshoots like enshin, or shidokan (they also incorporate muay thai and ground grappling). San Shou has evolved so it might do well also.

Again, any martial art has merit, and it all depends on the competitior, but In k-1 competitions usually muay thai fighters dominate, and that's the bottom line.


Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

So, we now can offer you a great price on another item that our customers have requested.  These Muay Thai nylon shorts are brought to you direct from Thailand, to our warehouse in Pennsylvania offering you FAST shipping and getting you what you need in the fastest time.

Only 2 sizes left in this fast selling item. 
We hope to get more in but won't put them online until we have them in our warehouse assuring you of getting what you want in the fastest time with no hassles.

Available only in Red/White/Blue colors shown at this time.

Made in Thailand


Sizing Chart- Waist Size

X-Large 2X-Large
 31-34"  34-38"


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